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Adult Mental Health First Aid Training Course

This course will build knowledge and confidence around adult mental health and guide you in what to do to support those in need.

This course addresses all aspects of adult mental health. By the end of the course delegates will understand what is meant by mental ill health and the difference between that and mental health. They will be able to identify the signs and symptoms for the main mental health issues adults may face (e.g., anxiety, depression, self-harm, psychosis, eating disorders and suicide). It will take delegates  step-by-step through an action plan (ALGEE) for each mental health issue/diagnosis in turn , so they can feel confident in applying mental health first aid to their colleagues, loved ones and others. It gives confidence and knowledge in knowing what to say and do to offer valuable support to recovery. It take you through what to do in a mental health crisis such as panic attack, suicide or psychotic episode.  It also covers self-care strategies and signposting.

All mental health first aiders get a certificate from MHFA England, a comprehensive manual, a workbook and an action plan card that can be attached to a work lanyard.

What does the Adult Mental Health First Aid Training Course cover?

  • What mental health and mental ill health means in regards to adults specifically
  • It will explore how to support adults you know (colleagues, clients, the general public or loved ones) to promote or maintain positive well being and what to do when their mental health is a concern to them or us.
  • It covers how to approach, converse and assist when you have a concern around a emerging or relapse of mental health issues (such as anxiety, depression, an easting disorder, psychosis etc…) and how to offer support at a time of crisis such as self-harm, panic attacks, suicide or psychotic episode.
  • It explores the impact of stigma and discrimination and the potential barrier this created regarding recovery for adults. It explores how to challenge stigma/discrimination to create a positive, safe environment for people to come forward and access support.
  • The course provides ideas and strategies to help support people to build protective factors, resilience and appropriate coping mechanisms.
  • It introduces delegates to an abundance of organisations and apps that they can refer adults and their families to, who may need additional support with their mental health.
  • The course considers mental health in the workplace and mentions some of the key legislation in relations to this.
  • Finally, the course looks at self-care for those in supporting/caring roles (at work or in the home).


Topics Delivered on the online Adult Mental Health First Aid Training Course

Session 1:

  • Statistics on adult mental health
  • Mental health and mental ill health in adults and the link to physical health
  • Protective and risk factors hen it comes to mental ill health
  • Stigma and discrimination and the subsequent impact on recovery
  • Introduction to the 5 step mental health first aid action plan
  • Understanding The Mental health Continuum
  • Stress container concept and strategy
  • Frame of reference activity

Session 2:

  • Depression – what it is, statistics, signs and symptoms
  • Suicide – the continuum, busting myths, language, risk factors and warning signs
  • The five step mental health first aid action plan for supporting with depression and suicide
  • How to offer support if someone discloses suicide
  • What to do/say and what to not say/do
  • How to assist them to get the right help at the right time
  • How to offer support to someone we are concerned has depression
  • What information to share and where to signpost them to

Session 3:

  • Anxiety – what it is, statistics, signs and symptoms
  • How to apply the five step action plan to someone we are concerned about regarding their anxiety or where someone has disclosed anxious thoughts and/or feelings to us
  • How to support someone experiencing a panic attack
  • Where to signpost someone to and other ideas to support them
  • Self harm – what is it, statistics, risk factors and warning signs
  • How to apply the five step action plan to someone we are concerned about self-harming behaviours or where someone has disclosed this to is
  • How to screen for a crisis around self-harm
  • Where to refer them to and what other support is available to them
  • Eating disorders – what they are, statistics, risk factors and warning signs of different diagnoses
  • How to apply the five step action plan to someone we are concerned about regarding an eating disorder or where someone has disclosed this to us.
  • Where to refer them to and what other support is available to them

Session 4:

  • Psychosis – what is it, the main signs, symptoms and risk factors
  • Applying the five step action plan to psychosis
  • How to help in a crisis situation- a psychotic episode
  • Mental health in the workplace
  • Recovery
  • Self care

For more information about the online adult mental health first aid training course, including dates and prices please contact us.


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