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What will work look like after the pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed how we work and workplace we used to know over the past year.

Whether it be the location of where employees work, the challenges employees are overcoming to meet company demands, or the attitudes employees now have, one thing is certain we are having to evolve into this ‘new normal’.

The big question on both employees and employer’s lips is, what will our post covid workplace look like?  Everyone is curious and there isn’t an exact answer. But a draft government plan has provided a little insight in to what we may expect.

Some of the reported measures that businesses will be required to implement under the draft include:

👉 reduced hot desking.

👉 staggered shift time.

👉 continued encouragement for home working.

👉 minimising shared equipment.

👉 virtual meetings.

👉 additional car parking facilities to reduce car sharing.

👉 maintaining social distancing during work & break times.

One of the key things to make sure the ‘new normal’ is embraced by employees is communication. Employers must communicate often and clearly with employees, sharing their plans for dealing with the pandemic and how the new workplace will be. As we step into the new era of work, now is the time to establish a better work life to enable a healthy, productive and inclusive workforce into the future.

Having a plan helps to view and prepare for future obstacles and can be adapted when the government release their full road map for easing lockdown, so you are in the best place to start moving forward.

There are many factors to consider when identifying the best way forward for your business. Get in touch for help with safe planning for your business and team.