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What is an exit interview?

An exit interview is a formal talk between a company and an employee who has decided they wish to leave the business.

You can think of an exit interview as the opposite of a job interview, where instead of asking the individual why they want to join the company, you are getting information about why they are leaving. At its core, the interview will try to understand why the employee wants to leave, with the objective of collecting information to prevent it from happening again.
If done well and properly, exit interviews can give you great insights into your business and aid with employee engagement and satisfaction. It’s also a chance to hear from a more honest staff
perspective – after all you’re highly unlikely to get such frank answers from current employees.

In addition, recruiting and training staff can be an expensive business and if you’re experiencing high staff turnover, then something isn’t working properly. Exit interviews are a good way to discover what the problem is and fix it. It may be too late for employees who are already leaving but it can help you put in place a strategy to reduce your staff turnover and ultimately
bring down costs.

They can also add value to your company culture and staff performance. With exit interviews or anonymous exit questionnaires, you can start to identify trends which, in turn, can inform your overall company strategy and the way you’re perceived as an employer. They can help you repeat good experiences for other employees and help you avoid repeating the bad ones in the future.
An exit interview gives you a chance to better understand the reason behind an employee choosing to leave your company, giving you an opportunity to correct it and prevent any further loss of staff.

You may find that staff in these interviews are more honest and forthcoming when offering feedback than those who remain under your employment.
It’s vital that you always approach an exit interview in a positive manner. Remember that it’s also a great opportunity to ensure the relationship with your employee is left on a positive note. You never know, they may wish to return someday…

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