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Virtual Meeting Fatigue

Before the pandemic, part of our working day was face-to-face meetings, catch ups, seminars, and other social interactions. However, not anymore. Most work conversations have now moved online.

There are some real benefits from using virtual meetings such as zoom, you only need to dress appropriately from the waist up, you can wear your slippers, no long commute to work and if the meeting is awful you can fake a ‘poor signal’ and leave without offending anyone!

But has anyone else suffered with virtual meeting fatigue? I know I have.

Here are some useful tips to help you avoid virtual meeting fatigue.

  • Always plan your diary, try to avoid planning back-to back meetings, plan a break in-between, move around.
  • In your virtual meeting can you choose speaker view or gallery view? It may help you to choose speaker view so that the person who is speaking has more of your attention again helping with your concentration.
  • Give the meeting your full attention, it can be so easy when on zoom to multitask, reply to an email, check your phone but if you don’t stay focused to the topic, and thus not being able to reach any conclusion or goal, you may just find yourself needing another meeting!
  • Use the phone, why not alternate your working day between virtual meetings and phone calls? Swapping to a few phone calls will help reduce your fatigue.
  • Make a note, being at home can offer many distractions by taking a handwritten note can help you concentrate.
  • Set a home time, it’s so easy to keep on working as but you need a routine, having a start and finish time is so essential for your mental wellbeing.
  • Stay hydrated, you are more likely to struggle focusing on tasks when you’re dehydrated. To also maintain good eye health, drink plenty of water so you can avoid both irritation and the urge to rub them. Why not have a water bottle on your desk so its easy to grab a drink?