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Staffing your business this summer

Summer staffing can be a conundrum at the best of times and after the best part of 18 months of being hit by a global pandemic, this summer brings even more challenges than usual.

Alongside the usual staff absences caused by summer holidays, employers are navigating pandemic and Brexit-related shortages.

The ongoing vaccine rollout and reopening of businesses across the UK have seen many people return to work and their usual work activities. However, warnings that COVID-19 is still in circulation (especially with the new Delta variant) mean that there is still a high risk of disruption for businesses.

Meanwhile, businesses gearing up for a busy period, some hoping to profit from fewer Brits traveling abroad, have also reported difficulties in filling job vacancies. Whether down to receiving too many CVs from inexperienced applicants, or none at all due to economic uncertainty, recruitment is taking up increasing amounts of time and energy.

After a year and a half of pandemic-related issues, customers are beginning to express fatigue with COVID excuses for longer wait times, late deliveries, and reduced services. Businesses hoping for a successful post-lockdown summer season will need to make staffing with adequate cover a top priority.

There is always a chance that someone may go off sick when someone else is on holiday, but this is an even higher eventuality now with summer being prime time for vacations, even staycations, and sick leave involving self-isolation or quarantine.

A helpful way to stay on top of absences is through absence management software, like Breathe HR that The People Shed utilise for our clients. Your team can see availability for holidays before sending through a request, whilst you can manage staffing levels to make sure that you have adequate cover.

If need be, you can determine when employees take their holiday, providing you give them the right amount of notice – double the length of the holiday. Keep in mind that paid leave is for maintaining good health and well-being, and so an even distribution of holidays throughout the year is best.

This also applies to furloughed employees. Flexible furlough is still available this summer and can be helpful for keeping your business staffed during the busiest times of the week.

Having enough people to staff your business is vital, but remember, good people management is more than just a numbers game. If you’re approaching a busy time and need your team on top form, talk to them to make sure that they have what they need in order to excel. A supportive and approachable leadership team is an important component for successful absence management.

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