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Pop Up Mentoring

Have you thought of introducing Pop up mentoring into your business?

A Pop-up mentor programme allows anyone in the company to connect with someone in the business who they would like to find information, get advice or learn from their experiences.
A mentor is an individual who works with their mentee to develop and improve their business ideas, performance and career goals. Mentors are usually accomplished and successful people, who provide their mentees with the advice and guidance they need.

A pop-up mentor is someone within the business who an employee can build a relationship with, build trust and turn to when they need to make decisions, offering constructive feedback, to keep the employee moving forward on their journey to success.

Mentors have been there, had the t-shirt, and know exactly what you should be doing and what you should avoid, based on their previous experiences. Mentors can guide an employee in the right direction to help them avoid any mistakes they may face on their journey. This will help employees achieve more in a shorter amount of time than if they were combat challenges alone.
You’ll be surprised to know that mentoring isn’t just beneficial for the mentee, but also incredibly valuable for the mentor. Mentors can learn and gain valuable insight from their mentees.
Whilst mentors may be experts in their field, this doesn’t mean they know everything. By working with a mentee, mentors can gain new perspectives, learn new technologies and improve their communication and leadership skills. Mentors also gain the satisfaction of helping and guiding their mentees on their path to self-growth and success.

For mentees, there are many obvious benefits of having a mentor, including growing and sustaining a successful, thriving business. Some key benefits of business mentoring for a mentee include increased job satisfaction, improved knowledge of their business/ industry, improved ability to handle challenging situations, it helps get the business started, and the mentee is able to gain valuable knowledge and wisdom from someone who has been in the same position as themselves.

Having a business mentor also provides you with the chance to expand your network, which is extremely valuable in business and can open up new opportunities for future ventures.

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