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Franchise HR Support

There are several key reasons why franchise HR services are vital in order for a franchising operation to reach its full potential. The first is to help reduce employee turnover. Since this issue is one of the most expensive parts of running a franchise, reducing turnover costs can have a significant bottom-line impact.

The second reason is that franchise HR services can increase the professionalism of an entire operation. When businesses attempt to handle tasks like hiring and firing on their own, mistakes are often made. In some cases, those mistakes can be very costly. Enlisting professional franchise HR support means that you will minimise that type of risk.

The third reason to go with a professional is that we can help identify areas that are costing you more than they should. From performance to retention, we can help you find weaknesses and then help you implement solutions to these problems.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide customised solutions for franchises of all sizes. Whether your franchise is just getting started or you’ve experienced so much growth that it’s become impossible to handle franchise HR on your own, we can help you deal with any HR challenges you’re currently facing. Some of our most popular franchise HR services include:

HR Audit – This is the perfect starting point for an established franchise. By conducting a full audit, we’re able to identify what’s working well and which areas are falling short. Once we’ve identified what needs to be improved, we can help you implement the necessary solutions.

Employee Handbook and Policies – One of the best ways to ensure that employees are able to thrive in their position is to provide a detailed handbook and employment policies. By having this in place you’ll be able to empower employees by eliminating any confusion about where their focus should be on a daily basis.

Outsourced Recruitment – Our approach to franchise human resources isn’t limited to current employees. We’re also able to assist with bringing new employees into your business. Not only do we provide recruitment solutions, but we focus on optimising recruitment efforts to minimise turnover.

Training Solutions – In addition to recruiting the right people, providing ongoing training is vital for maximizing efficiency, keeping employee morale high and minimizing turnover. We can help you develop and implement the most effective training solutions for your industry and business.

Having dealt with The People Shed on many occasions and with different staff I can say their expertise and knowledge is second to none. A pleasure to work with such a professional company who are reliable and most importantly down to earth.

Anthony B, Business owner

The People Shed offer honest, clear and concise advice. They’re business focused with excellent commercial awareness but they’re on your level, there’s no ambiguity, just simple and logical proposals. Having worked with the girls personally in another business, I know their positive attitudes and willingness to help is ingrained within them.

Katie L, HR professional

I used Rachael as an emergency as I was at breaking point. She was very professional, calming and fully explained everything we could do. I will definately be using Rachael going forward for any HR related issues.

Carren B, Company Director

Very supportive company, always just a phone call away and always happy to help. Have supported us massively with a variety of HR issues. From offering us templates and guidance to just being there to discuss something out of the ordinary.

Chad, Franchise Business Development Manager

Experienced team bringing real world, professional and commercial advice to businesses. Great knowledge of all things “people” from basic HR support to full strategic people development advice and training.

Mike O, Company Owner

At last a company who understands what we need without all the jargon. Well done and highly recommended.

DARREN B, Franchisee

The guys at The People Shed take time to understand you and your business and develop tools through their vast experience to ensure you get the very best fit and solution. Highly engaged and focussed whilst passionate and professional in every aspect of HR and People Support! I class them now as Business Partners and have already recommended them to a new business contact who will benefit the same as I have.

Nathan S, Franchisor

One of the most professional organisations I have had the pleasure to use, with their depth of knowledge and care to detail all our HR and recruitment issues are resolved in the shortest time frame. Highly recommended.

Brian S, Franchisee

www.thepeopleshed.co.uk — have given excellent service and have been very easy to deal with. As we are a tech startup, HR is not our strong point! The team at The People Shed have helped us navigate various aspects of setting up our business – very happy to recommend them.

David G, business owner