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Most businesses will have contracts and staff handbooks in place. You may have put these in place during the infancy of your business, when you were trying to keep expenses to the minimum and focus on business operations and productivity.

It is likely that your organisation has grown, changed, evolved, and become more agile over time and this is not necessarily reflected in your suite of documents. It is a good idea to review your suite of documents. A review of policies can minimise the risk of protracted disputes with staff and save you management time and expense and can free you up to focus on more productivity and business development.

Spring cleaning your employment contracts and handbooks may seem like a daunting task, but it is always time well spent. Why not let us conduct our free 20point HR CORE STANDARDS CHECKLIST this will ensure your HR practice supports your business goals whilst complying with employment legislation and adhering to best practice.

Through the HR CORE STANDARDS CHECKLIST, you will be able to>>

  • Gain an overview of your HR needs and relate them to the needs of your organisation.
  • Identify weaknesses in HR practice and take steps to correct them before issues arise.
  • Spend less time firefighting and more time planning and managing.
  • Focus on strategy and business benefits rather than single activities and action.

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